Looking for a concussion care provider? Use these categories to help you narrow down your search and find the best fit for your concussion care needs.

Concussion Care In Person

Concussion Care in Person

If you suspect you’ve sustained a concussion and want to be seen in-person, use this category to find providers who’ve completed specialized training in concussion care and recovery and use ImPACT as part of their comprehensive concussion management and treatment.

Concussion Care Telemedicine

Concussion Care via Telemedicine

If you’re looking for virtual concussion care that can be done no matter where you’re located, use this category to find providers who treat concussions using telehealth and can administer ImPACT remotely.

Concussion Rehab

Concussion Rehab

If you need targeted concussion rehab, use this category to find providers who are specifically trained in concussion physical therapy, occupational therapy, and vestibular rehabilitation therapy.

Workplace Concussion Care

Workers Comp

If your concussion is from a workplace injury, use this category to find providers who are trained to use ImPACT to create tailored treatment plans for returning to work. If you prefer to be seen virtually, look for providers with the “telemedicine” designation within this category.